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This is the longest journey I’ve done yet in my Tesla Model S, up to the Highlands of Scotland. During the various video clips, I discuss the charging experience, route planning tips, etc…

Here is the map of our journey up to Scotland, bear in mind that we did stop for one night in Huddersfield to see some friends.

Trip to Scotland

On the way back we did the entire journey in one day, taking about twelve hours. As google says the no stopping journey time is around nine hours and twenty minutes, I doubt we would have been able to do the journey any quicker in a petrol or diesel car, especially as we had a small child with us.

Trip from Scotland

The postcode “DH3 2SJ” on the maps between Morley and Edinburgh, is the Ecotricity point that we used to top up as the distance between the superchargers is slightly more than comfortable in winter with a strong head wind. This was the only time, in both directions, that we had to wait for the car to charge and even then we weren’t waiting for more than twently minutes.


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