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General musings regarding electric cars and the Tesla Model S in particular. I’m also testing out my video equipment prior to a more interesting journey I’ve got planned from London to the Highlands of Scotland and back again. Apologies for the generally rubbish videography, this my first video where I’m trying to work out how to get the best results from the equipment I have to hand.


Following the video above I’ve tried to find a better way to mount my phone to the windshield, but ultimately I think the answer is going to be to get a GoPro with a proper mount.

In terms of the drive, it is a testament to range of the Model S and the freedom that it gives, that I can do a 180 mile round trip without charging. In my old Nissan Leaf, this is a journey that would have required charging on route once in each direction and charging at the destination as well.

Having now experienced both a long and short range EV, I can say that 200 miles of any weather range really should be the target for all EV manufacturers and that with that you really can drive on electricity 100% of the time, provided a good quick charging infrastructure exists of course. I hope to prove that in the next few weeks with my drive up to Scotland and then again in the summer when I’m planning a European road trip, Essex to Rome and back again.


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